crossbars... THE MIDGE!

in my quest for greater comfort on the cyclocross bike I am seeking an alternate handlebar option

currently I ride with some standard drop bars
not sure what
just what came out of the box
just what come on the bike

I am about to build up my Jamis Nova
had purchased some Salsa Bell Lap bars
but am starting to think that the On-One Midge is a better option

fellow DCMTB team member Mike Scardiville has a set and has been rocking the cross course with them for the last few season
and another DCMTBer Dave V. has a set on his Single Speed Cross bike and sings their praises
maybe this is something worth testing out

Dave V. sent me some information from the Matt Chester site which reviews The Midge by On-One

matt chester?

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

I mentioned these bars at the bike lane

mechanic jay gave them a nod of approval

that kid is a techincal handling wizard
an equally skilled mechanic
which would spill over to being an encyclopedia of knowledge

will try to chase a pair down and get this Jamis Nova up and running...

not sure...

I may get pracitical with fenders