graceful edge

this morning as I stepped out the front door to walk the dog I saw one of my neighbors heading up the sidewalk with her dog
not being in a rush I invited myself to walk the dog with her as she walked her dog
it seemed logical as we were headed to the same stretch of woods across the street

in our catching up we discussed all sorts of things relevant
days past... days to come
the weather
approaching holidays
local traffic issues
and work
yes... work

as it turns out my neighbor has a web site
this website is dedicated to directing hip active women towards hip active gear
just as Paris Hilton may seek shopping inspiration from The Daily Candy
Missy Giove may find her inspiration at Graceful Edge

Graceful Edge

there is a log in with password requirement
but it has a pretty sweet archive of stuff
definitely a great resource for alternative information as the holiday approaches
and just like the Daily Candy... there is an email list to have the updates arrive in you Inbox

found this great link for HARLOT WEAR on the Graceful Edge page
it is awesome... there is Men's Apparel and Beaver Apparel
ah... those Harlots and their Beaver Comfort Zones
(their words... not mine)

with christmas coming
this may be the perfect resource for getting something for my wife for the holdays
lord knows she deserves it

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