handlebars for my cross bike...

if you only watch one of the videos on this page... make it the Halloween Video

with cross fresh on my mind
I was thinking before I build my Jamis Nova
why not rethink the handlebars
I got an email from a electronic friend last week recommending flat bars on the cross bike
there has to be a better cross option than the flat bar

what is my best option?
from there...
what about shifters and levers?
(single speeders and fixies... I know your answers on shifters and levers)

the jonathan page page

cyclocross tours in belgium as hosted by jonathan page


Dave V. said...

That Halloween bunny hopping is cool, daddy-o.

It inspires me to become a better bunny hopper in 2007.

I'll put that on my list of New Years Resolutions, right after the one about ignoring that I'm 42.

gwadzilla said...

I think bunny hopping can be learned
but the wheelie
a person needs the wheelie gene

that said

I am not much for wheelies
and even less of a bunny hopper

I would be great if casted as Lurch in the next remake of THE MUNSTERS!

you rang....