health.... at what cost

right now I am battling the early stages of a cold
the symptoms were there last week
for the most part I was able to contain things so I could play during the weekend
but now with the return of the work week
there is the return of the cold

been taking this AIRBORNE stuff and not much else
other than cough drops and well... some night time Theraflu every other night

the per tablet cost of this Airborne is a tad steep
it seems to work
so no real complaints

the illustrations on the package remind me of the illustrations of Jack Hornady
or maybe Dr. Mario

I miss Dr. Mario
looked for one of Jack's Illustrations from his Tribute to Heavy Metal Parking Lot
but no luck
jack was the drummer for tuscadero

jack had promised me some hornady illustrations as a housewarming gift many years ago
maybe I should try and collect

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megA said...

try this little trick for cooking the sickness out of ya:

two teaspoons of minced garlic in a large shot glass. fill shot glass until the garlic is good and covered with cider vinegar. a squirt of honey to make it sound not as icky. stir to dissolve honey. bottoms up.

You should feel the burning pretty quickly and i should bake what ails ya right out of your system.

i use it when i'm on the verge of sickness.