it is late... it is crazy late

it is late
it is crazy late

not late for you or for me
it is late for my two young boys
not sure why they are still awake
but they are

a late nap for still afternoon napping grant
the excitment of a friend from college visiting kept them bouncing off the walls later than usual
my friend has long since been gone
yet the boys are still awake

they were in a mood
the vote is a unanimous decision
two pacifiers down
okay... they are not babies
but they sure were acting like babies

neither of the boys would eat the pizza fro Radius
the crust was soggy as per usual
the topping were slipping and sliding till they slipped off of each piece
the NY Style floppy pizza that demands a fold is not for small children

it was a good walk to get the pizza
the box for a large pizza is in fact large
it was a long walk back with a backpack with a few full cartons of milk
a plastic bag of clothes and shoes that were in the backpack but were supposed to be passed off to Lamar the Panhandler in front of the Peruvian chicken joint
go figure... he is there every night I pass that point
except for the night that I bring the bag of clothing that I promised
there was also a dog on a leash and a small boy that needed coralling

on the donation tip...
this morning I rode with two backpacks

one old camelpak filled with an assortment of clothing and things I was going to pass along to Tommy
got his cell phone
will call to see if I can meet him mid day or even on my way home

the boys are still not asleep

it has been a long day of parenting for my wife
I know because the short time during the evening that I hung out with the kids has left me exhausted


Anonymous said...

I know it is late brother - I am still in the office and it's 12:15!

gwadzilla said...



good thing we had left over Thai food
as my young little natives were restless

I hate when the kids do not want to eat what is put in front of them