kids... music... proud poppa

the other night I was driving down the road with my two boys in the back of the Element
my right hand was jumping through the radio presets trying to find something other than some idiot boss jock

in my leaps between dc's less than spectacular radio options I stopped on a station playing a song by 311
a few notes into the song my two and a half year old grant yells out... IT IS THE POLICEMAN!
before I can correct him dean spouts out in response to the rhythmic rap and exclaims... NO-IT IS THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS

without being too strong with my correction I complimented them both for their ability to guess so closely from the music style
but... I corrected them just the same
with the correct band name; 311 and that it is the Police... not the Policemen
the next song in the radio rotation was the Chilli Peppers


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Isn't it great - I always quiz the kids "ok, which group is playing this song?". Kind of like I have to make sure they know the classics like X and the Ramones. Devo is always a huge hit though it was a bit diconcerting the other day when we were driving and I wanted to play some early Devo and Maddie complained at 4 and a half that she wanted bluegrass (no idea where that one came from) and Edie announced that she wanted ancient singing music (I suppose that would be chant?). Right - and there I just wanted to play Mongoloid.


Anonymous said...

glad your sons know hip bands

gwadzilla said...

it is funny...

I get a kick out of seeing them get up and dance when certain songs are playing

it is so natural
it is so pure
they are not yet self conscious
they just are

gwadzilla said...


dean turned off the television the other day when I had it on the RETROACTIVE cable radio station

the Ramones Beat on the Brat was playing
he was not a fan
not so much of the Ramones sound
but the theme seemed to be against his mood of the moment

Anonymous said...

That is terrible - how can we expect him and Edie to get married if he's not grooving to the Ramones?