kill your televisions? should people kill their television?

gwadzilla archive where I approached the topic of killing my television

the television like so many things is good only when used conciously with a focus on moderations
sadly... I do not follow my own rules
I am a creature of habit who turns on the tube nearly every night once the kids are asleep
doing this after knowing I enjoy my evenings much more when I am active rather than passive

is it the television that is the problem or is it what is being watched on television that is the problem
not just what is being watched but how much is being watched

I have never seen American Idol
I have never seen Survivor
I have never seen whatever everyone is talking about around the water cooler
yes... I have seen American Football... but I have not seen more than a glimpse of a game and some highlights of a football game for well over a decade
although... I have been in the room at parties or bars with games playing on the tube

I have never seen any of the awards shows
sure I have seen clips from the red carpet... but I have never seen these things happen live
somehow I do not see why I need to see an award show for a collection of people who have already been well rewarded
grammy... oscar... emmy...
none of these or any of the others appear on my radar
although I could get stuck on the Clio Awards on an evening of surfing
just as I have tunned into the Super Bowl... not for the wrinkled and weathered Rolling Stones or the over correographed revealing of Janet Jackson's nipple... but for the advertising
those mini movies pushine popular products

not all the television I watch is quality television
I am a sucker for America's Funniest Home Videos
the football to the groin is funny on so many levels
the mishaps of the Spanish Channel version is even more a pleasure
sure I watch crap... but seldom am I a slave to sit in front of the tube on a scheduled basis
sure... LOST may be solid
but... I have never seen it

do I need to kill my television?
well... maybe my world would be a more cultured place if I did
it is not going to happen
but I can moderate the hours and control the quality

there are only so many hours in the day
sure winding down is important
but... there are also things that need to be done
things other than blog

would my life be better if I killed my blog?
as far as the KILL YOUR TELEVISION bumper sticker...
how about GET OUT OF YOUR CAR bumper sticker


gwadzilla said...

my life would be richer if I killed my television


I am warmed by that blue glow

the television and the car are demons that I embrace in my life

sydney_b said...

i don't have a tv, but I do download the daily show from iTunes and watch movies sometimes. I like a more intentional approach to video consumption. That being said.... I read an awful lot of blogs. ;)

gwadzilla said...

no television

I have been known not to do what is best for me