klunkers official site
klunkerz myspace

without this piece of history
I am not sure I would be who I am
I am nothing special on the bike
the bike sure is special to me


Repack Rider said...

If you liked the Klunkerz trailer, you'll like my website.

gwadzilla said...

amazing site...

fantastic collection of mountain bike history

great shots
great cycling history
and certainly
an amazing cycling experience

like the Dogtown and Z Boys of Mountain Biking

klunkerbill said...

Thanks Gwad! It was a lot of fun to make. Couldn't a done it without CK. His site was years of research in a one-stop shop.

klunkerbill said...

Thanks Gwad! CK made it all possible!

klunkerbill said...

Thanks Gwad. CK made it all possible!