leadville.... I guess not


velo news has an update saying that Lance is not going to be racing in the Leadville 100
while landis is subject to the final decision of the doping allegations

too bad
it would have been an exciting race to follow



Anonymous said...

Lance probably realized his support car couldn't ride next to him the whole race to film him...great way to back out on the Leadville crew LA.

Floyd could do the new Michaux endurance series..close to his rents and they are not sanctioned by anybody, although he might bust up his new hip joints !

gwadzilla said...


it is a bummer that Lance is unable to attend

when he said he was retiring from the tour
I assumed he would achieve other great cycling goals

like the hour record
or the paris roubaix

it must suck to be afraid of not winning

it is all hard for me to imagine
as I have and never will exist with that much discipline or reach that level of achievement

the actions of Armstrong are beyond hypothetical for me

that said...

I think he is backing down from a challenge

maybe we can get those guys to duke it out at the Shenadoah Mountain 100

but they may want to pull over when Sue Haywood calls out... ON YOUR LEFT!

Anonymous said...

I don't care about either of them anymore. I just follow the great cyling yetti Gwadzilla.

We are getting old. For some reason the lyrics to California Uber Alles keep floating through my head "Now it's 1984, knock knock on your front door..."

1984?!!!! 1984??? It just turned to 2007! That means it is more then 20 years ago that we were visiting the haunted hotel at Point Lookout!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year.