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(DCMTB is listed in Washington DC... no mention of Racing Union, they will have to change that)
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Da, Union! Da! said...

Comrade Joel,

Thanks to the intelligence we received from you, the Racing Union has dispatched an operative from the Ministry of Cartographic Truth to rectify the situation and to make the misinformed realize the error in their ways. Their heart(s) will be filled with Union fervor by sun-up.

To show our gratitude, a special commendation has been issued, a Gwadzilla Day has been declared, and an extra ration of potatoes is waiting for you at the Plaza de la Revolucion.

dear leader said...

the people have risen and spoken. can there be any doubt as to the power of the people?

the racing union, advocate for all who struggle and strive on two wheels, and herald of the glorious revolution in cycling and the social order, sends messr. gwadzilla our warmest congratulations and thanks. his efforts have helped us overcome the subtle forces of tyranny which had conspired to silence us, to prevent our message from being heard. but no longer. we are on the map! brothers and sisters, racers and riders, we will be heard! merci, messr. gwadzilla, merci. the union is in your debt.

- dear leader