member since '88

member since '88
that is roughly 18 years on the streets
in that time there have been 15 bikes
three of them kliens
and over ten thousand miles a year
city miles
rough miles


gwadzilla said...

been wanting to take Ron's picture for some time

the cats from the "old school" are not always so easy to approach
many of them do not want their picture taken

which is a bummmer

as documentation like this is cool now...
but I think that anyone in these shots would be stoked to see some of these shots in a decade

as we always think our lives remain the same
when often they end up changing

Ron worked in a dark room developing film before this job
he said he went from the dark room into the light

glad I got these shots!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ron Green! really nice guy any time I saw him, always laughing.