a monster in the house

there is a monster in our house...

the decade old N64 has infected our home
addiction and compulsion are a part of the human animal
just as I blog for pleasure... I also blog out of compulsion
not just pleasure... but need
addiction and compulsion are part of me

right now my five year old son and 38 year old wife are fighting over whose turn is it
addiction and compulsion are part of my wife and children

the wife has scored a good number of stars
while my five year old is showing the frustration of a five year old... not willing to listen... not willing to go through the steps that need to be gone through to work the natural progression
it is frustrating to watch
it is frustrating to guide
he has turned this thing off and walked away a number of times
only to return again

the game is fresh in the house
the frequency of play and the allowance of play is going to settle into a controled level after the weekend


sydney_b said...

omigod. stay away from zelda ocorina of time. your wife would love that one.

a screentime addiction makes a good lever for kids, but quite honestly, i often wish i'd never let 'em into the house.

now it seems like i can't get my boys out of the house to do something real. They'd rather spend 8 hrs shedding pixelated monster blood than risk spilling a tablespoon of their own, despite me telling them how much more exciting the latter is. Sigh. What can u do?

gwadzilla said...

we need to keep the video game playing to a reasonable level
it is a fun escape
but a dangerous distraction as well
my boys are still young
lucky for me they get pleasure in watching me or my wife play the game
them issueing commands

I am no better
here I am blogging when I should be riding my bike...

but we have the issue of grocery shopping and our younger son napping

my wife is going to try and drive him to get him to fall asleep

when she returns
one of us will go shopping

right now I am thinking that napping is going to be my sunday highlight

Anonymous said...

Yay! Someone else is addicted to video games too. Maybe we need to start a support group or somethin'. We could hang out, drink 40's and play Tekken 2.

I saw a show recently that ranked the top video games of all time...the winner...Mario for the N64. Never played it and that's probably a good thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops...sorry for the double post.

Soupie said...




gwadzilla said...

we may need to hide the console
everyone is hooked
thus far we are only playing Mario64
as the other games we have are not rated for family fun

good stuff

funny to see how quickly my two little boys developed a basic understanding of controling the characters

I should put that thing on the shelf
as I do not want them trying to get a game started on a monday morning

monday mornings are always tough to get out the door on time

gwadzilla said...

I am officially addicted to MARIO~!