peter... a brompton... my boys

peter... my boys... a brompton

nifty little bike
yet the novelty of colapsing does not suit my needs
although the bike was a thrill to ride
for me and for my kids

if only the city were more bicycle friendly
I do think I need a cross bar kid seat

peter also has a christiania

peter is involved with a project called

it was peter that gave me a cool cycling cap for christmas
walz caps

the boys got a card game whose name I can not recall as we have yet to play it
his boys thought think it to be good fun... we look forward to experiencing it

not sure about the after market attachment that the works for the kids


gwadzilla said...


Steeker said...

thats a cool bike! how fast can it go? and whats the PSI for the tires?

gwadzilla said...

the bike goes pretty fast
lower speeds feel faster
it rides a little different
a little sketchy

the rear tire was almost flat when I got on board with my kids

so I pretty much tried to keep it straight

we had a blast