the policemen

the police synchornicity
if I recall...
this album was released with 33 different album covers
the same color stripes
but different black and white images

at this point in time I was into collecting records
yes... I know... uber geeky

when this album was released I did not buy any of the 31 different albums
the police lost me with ghost in the machine

there was something about the first three records from the police
then the turn they took
as well as my tastes in music at time

but now... even the hits from the albums are pleasing to me


Anonymous said...

Funny you mention the Police.

I had everything they did up to the break. Just loved their sound. And I like 3 piece bands anyway.

Didnt listen to them at all for about 15 years.

Just about two weeks ago I ripped everything I had into the puter' and now I listen to them everyday.

They are new again!

Anonymous said...

You know it was Goon that got me into them. He was really into all their early stuff. Prior to him, I only had Ghost in the Machine. Still have my original record but can't remember the last time I listened to it.


gwadzilla said...

maybe this weekend I will attach the cables and bring the speakers down
then pull out some vinyl

maybe the police... maybe the clash
maybe something random picked blind

Quadrophenia by the WHO would be a sweet choice

I have the original soundtrack
and well...
in 1984 my brother went off to college and I stole his records
including Richard Hell and the Voidoids!