Results Day 1 of the Cyclocross Nationals

Nationals Day One Results

the numbers and the names are impossible to wade through

I can not imagine what it was like on lap one
anger and frustration for some
passion for others
certainly aggression
and dreaded anxiety

the laps that followed may have carried some of those emotions as well as others
but those are the laps for settling in
then if you have gas in the tank
the final laps bring up the volume on that range of emotions again

in this time of just for fun categories
I think it is important for people to understand
for some people that collection of emotions are fun
that sort of experience is just for fun

can not wait to hear the stories of how much fun everyone had

will start to wander the blogs....
but I think that people are still to busy having fun...
aka recovering
aka partying
blogging is not a priority
living the moment is more vital than documenting the moment

from a glance at the results it looks like marc and chris had some fun
blogless marc, my brother marc, BROTHER OF GWADZILLA (okay, a few pounds ago he was a gwadzilla,) did well in his fast class... 48th our of 140 or something to that effect
lots of names and numbers
each and everyone of them a story
bet Sami has a story as she looks like she had a spectacular day getting the number one spot in the 40+ women
while the shogrens each snagged a strong 4th in what must have been fantastic battles for top ten

the FIND command is vital to figure any of this stuff out
the Elite races tomorrow will certainly be amazing

blew off the office holiday party tonight
wore the lampshade long enough at the WABA party last night
going to settle in and sit down with Nintendo N64
the inlaws brought it down with them
my brother in law had an old console that he and his kids were not using
it is a bit of a relic
lets see if it is fun or frustrating

the blue lights blew a fuse tonight
LED Christmas lights may be purchased before the season is over
excited to see if this thing works
it has been since this machine came out that I have really seen it
mario kart...
then we loaned it out and lost it
not concerned at the time
curious and excited now

will scan for a few blogs then plug this toy in

plugged the toy in
am not sure if the games are basic enough for a five year old
sometimes the age guidelines are sensible
very cool that things seem to be working
but not sure if we possess any games that a child could progress with
the Mario N64 game is pretty comples with some abstract concepts
abstract to a small child

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gwadzilla said...

it is funny...
I had a great time racing cross
it was fantastic
loved the excitement of the cross bike
had a great time with a few cross practices
had an amazing time at a number of cross races
back on the mountain bike
my fitness is down
but my time on the bike is still there
the single speed has moved to the front of the rotations
the pedals are off and the cross bike is in the corner with a flat