roads are for transportation

roads are for transportation
it is a very simple concept
yet people seem to forget
roads are for transportation

roads are not made for cars nor are roads made for SUVS
roads are made for transportation

that transportation includes more than cars and suvs
that transportation includes small trucks, large trucks, motorcycles and even bicycles

when designing the roads these things are not taken into account
the bicycle is seldom factored into the design
this lack of consideration of the bicycle may at times be factored into the discussion
but later removed from the discussion
I have seen this happen locally with the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and with the InterCountyConnector
apparently this same lack of seeing cycling as part of the equation is currently occurring in Virginia Beach

here is a news article on the topic

I read an article by this same author a month or so ago
she wrote an article about how Virginia Beach was not voted in the top ten Bicycle Friendly Cities
maybe it the municipal leaders had more of a "if you will build it they will come" mentality
they there would be more people to choose cycling as an option
but honestly
at times I do not think the roads are safe for cyclists
that is something that we need to be proactive in changing
not my thought
but the reality

cycling should not be a fringe activity
it could be everyday for more people
dare I say... mainstream

I am not seeking the VELOCITY DESIGN
all I am asking for is some space on the road designated for bikes
as well as an education that leads to the understanding of the bicyclist's right to the road

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