short commutes... short rides... no real riding to speak of

it is winter

with no races on the immediate horizon it is hard for me to stay motivated

a few weeks ago I had a short burst of mountain bike adventures
got out on the Surly Karate Monkey Single and was reminded how much I love riding that bike
the Specialized Tri-Cross still has a rear flat from the Capitol Cross Classic in Reston
much of cyclocross is about cyclocross racing
while mountain biking is pretty much about mountain biking
even if mountain bike racing is part of the equation

today I rode the three decade old Colnago that I frankenbiked into a fixie
the fixie is a good bike for crossing town when I am in no hurry and have no grand work out ambitions

right now my basement is a mess
things have hit a critical level
it is time to take control of the basement
an avalanche of junk has overflowed
it has gotten to the point where I do not know where anything is
the Colnago was out of the rotation for a few weeks because I could not find a single bolt that I knew I had
it is out of control

need to focus on gathering bike parts for the bike swap
getting rid of some stuff
donating what can be used
tossing out what is trash

which reminds me....
maybe I should call Tommy...
I brought that backpack of clothes to work the other day
about time I handed that stuff over

calories are being consumed
very few calories are being burned

some good hikes and some good walks
lots of chasing the kids
very little time on the bike
a few cross town trips
but nothing more
when things dry out I need to get out on some dirt


Anonymous said...

carpe diem
and fix that flat
in 2006
on your cross bike
from RESTON race !!!!!

gwadzilla said...

just looking at other bikes right now

fixing a flat is a no brainer

here are some images of a man fixing a flat with no hands
no jokes on this one

it puts it all in perspective


the blogspot title is not fitting to the reality of the images

may the world be kind and gentle to that man
as I know how hard the world can be for anyone everyday

not only do I need to fix that flat
I need to get that disc on the front wheel, swap out those tires, find some rim tape, get a middle ring then replace that middle ring, and get out on the geared karate monkey