snatch the opportunity as it presents itself...

I am super glad that I rode on dirt last weekend
actually got a few decent rides in
some urban stuff along with a few hours at Schaffer and a few hours at Fountainhead
this weekend may not be the biking adventure I was shooting for
no yoga either
the ashtanga yoga center is closed for the holiday weekend
while the mist and rain is making things too wet to even consider going out on dirt

there may be some time on the bike
maybe tomorrow I will ride out to the Eastern Market to grab what I need to make Paella on Christmas Eve
my shopping is pretty much done
lisa handled the lion's share of the shopping
my primary objective was to find something for lisa

wanted to get a puppy... but the whole notion is a tad intimidating
a great commitment for a person who is already over committed


I can always go play on the stairs at aMalcom X park if I am looking for some challenges

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