top ten punk records of all time

the old bag has me working on cleaning up the basement...

trying to clean up the basement
time to try and get a few things in order
tune up some bikes
and get rid of some bikes
and throw away some stuff
I have too much stuff
stuff I do not need
stuff I will not need
stuff I never needed

tonight I painted a wall in the basement
last night when trying to hang a few shelves I realize that the wall need to be painted
so I took the shelves down and painted that small all divider
then today realized that I needed to paint the long wall aswell

part of the goal will be to set up a turntable

no I am not looking to become a dj
but I am thinking it would be nice to listen to some of my old records

the paint is drying
tomorrow I will put some stuff on the shelves and some other stuff in the alley
some stuff I will have to hang onto
other stuff I will have to let go

looking forward to hearing some old records
while I was shuffling boxes a BEEFEATER record rolled out
not Players for Lovers.... but another... but certainly worth listeing to just the same

oh..Espn classic has moved to K1 fighting

to the title before I get distracted again
top ten punk albums of all time
okay... I am going to try to avoid the obvious Sex Pistols Nevermind the Bollocks or The Clash The Clash

here we go....
what can I remember
and no
there is no order
to get the list started
The Sex Pistols Nevermind the Bollocks
The Clash The Clash
The Dammed Machine Gun Ediqute
brian baker and jason farrell would say strawberries but not me
The Police Outlandous d' Amour
UK Subs Diminished Responsibilities
Minor Threat Out of Step
Black Flag Damaged
Bad Brains
I Against I
(is that too poppy? would I be more cool if I said Rock For Light)
Ramones Road to Ruin
(or whatever.... End of the Centry... either way it is three cords and one tempo)
is that ten?
I wanted to add something by The Jam
there may be a different lsit if you ask me tomorrow

there may be a different lsit if you ask me tomorrow
already thinking of swapping the jam for the police


Graham said...

Love the Clash...but I guess I prefer the post punk era. Joy Division, Bauhaus, etc.

By the way, Mick Jones' Big Audio Dynamite is so underrated.

gwadzilla said...

I did that dark stuff too
even the Smiths
but not sure if I have a full Bauhaus album as a favorite or a full Joy Division record

yes BAD was good
and so was Peter Murphy's stuff

and New Order was great as well


was sticking to the punk side

not trying to ride the wave

maybe I need to make a top ten list for best New Wave albums of all time

The Smiths Hatful of Hollow
New Order (something)
The Cure

okay it is coming across more as bands so I will go with that

The Cult
of course the kings DURAN DURAN
yes, Depeche Mode

how many is that?
is REM considered folk music?
and U2 would be spiritual
let me get back to the wave...

Blondie Parallel Lines
Elvis Costello My Aim is True
David Bowie was punk and still is Hunky Dory
B 52s
who else?

maybe I need to flip through my record collection...

which is more punk than new wave
but I definitely rode the wave on cassette tapes!

Anonymous said...

I'm not good with top ten lists... there is too much to choose from to narrow it down... but I'd definitely put the Buzzcocks on there. If there were a DC-only list, I'd put Gray Matter's "Food For Thought" on there too.

Although it may be obvious to list "Never Mind the Bollocks," that album was hugely influential and had a very wide reach. I think it taught a whole world of kids that there was something beyond mainstream rock radio. I was introduced to it in 8th grade study hall when a stoner who was a dead ringer for Hyde of "That 70s Show" -- not a punk at all -- brought it in and put it on the turntable.

gwadzilla said...

I can remember riding my bike to Penguin Feather in Georgetown...
or was it Kemp Mill
I think it was Penguin Feather
they had a three vinyl albums for ten bucks
I was in seventh grade and was looking to expand my collection past The Doors
on that day I bought two albums by David Bowie and one by the Sex Pistols

when the guy at the register saw my selections I felt good at how impressed he was by my selections
as that guy was looking very punk
it was Danny Ingram who was the drummer for Youth Brigade
which I did not know... but I did know that he looked punk

the records barely fit in the backpack
I rode home and played those records thin in the years to follow

gwadzilla said...

working on cleaning up a space to play some of these records

I think that my down time in the evening would be more relaxing to some music instead of the television

the television is not always good
it often tends to be habit

Anonymous said...

have you seen american hardcore yet. if you hav'nt - i'm sure you have - you must. with your tast in music you will love it and it is, or seems to me, to be a solid documentary. among interesting bits is the D.C connection.

gwadzilla said...

American Hardcore ROCKED!

I laughed
I cried
I saw it opening night!
well... DC's opening night

very good stuff

the old bag said...

see what cleaning the basement can lead to?

josh said...

Although some may not have considered them exactly "punk," I've always thought that Wire were worthwhile.

libertyonbikes! said...

give us the gwadzilla
transition from 1980 to 1995?
pretty impressed with the mentions
of dagnasty to HR to joy division.

how about if you had, i mean HAD to buy 20 hard rock/metal albums?

btw, do you have the spike jonze
video boxset (really just a dvd & small book)? a really good way to kill a rainy day. love that guy since Freestylin' and Homeboy Magazine - and the one issue of Dirt (distributed by Sassy- yeah I had to buy a copy of Sassy to get it), anyways...