velophotos.net... still waiting for Capitol Cross Images

velo photos...
come on kevin lets see the images from the Capitol Cross Classic

yes... that is Gunnar Shogren
his energy and intensity are an inspiration
I made a pass at the toll booth... but he beat me to the parking space
once on the race course
well... I was not even close

Mr. and Mrs. Fastest Lap

anyone know of any other images on the Web from this event?
I am looking of pictures of me

that Mr and Mrs Fastest Lap image was from a Gwadzilla Archive that has some great shots of my son after a kids race
there is an awesome pic of Dean giving Laird Knight a high five... that image also appeared in SPOKES Magazine

who is Gunnar Shogren?
ask Betsy

found this while blogging at lunch
Jonathan Page Blog... bummer about his shoulder
some great videos on Jeremy Powers' Blog

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