waba holiday party on W.I.T.G.

WABA holiday party sysnopsis on Wrenching in the Gears by Iconoclast
a party where the man of mystery WASHCYCLE entered and exited like a villain in the shadows

in that picture I am chatting with a neighbor and friend who is a commuter, a tri-athlete, and a cycling advocate

the camera created some red eye
the red wine gave me red eye for the full next day

some images of the teeter totter at Fountainhead
and an X-Ray of an injury
I think it is Mrs SS Outlaw

and a Spearman Image on CICLE.org

AMENDMENT: Iconoclast has cleared things up... it was not Mrs. Outlaw it was RickyD's Mrs. D
either way: Sorry about the injury... hope you are not in too much pain... hope you heal up and get back on the bike quick


Anonymous said...

Not Mrs. Outlaw. That's RickyD's lady with the injury.

Yeah, forgot to mention the elusive WashCycle dude.

Red eyes, indeed...

gwadzilla said...

this morning I feel a lot like I felt the morning after that night

that was wine
last night was whiskey