watching: The Man Who Skied Down Everest

The Man Who Skied Down Everest

watching this film
not sure if I will be able to stay through to the end
although it is wonderful this far

I have heard that the film should be titled

The Man Who Fell Down Everest

Wiki Page

this Yeti should sleep
as this Yeti has been over eating all day
this Yeti over ate all yesterday as well
this Yeti would love to go treking in Nepal with his family
I love lens flare I want to make documentary films as use lens flare as much as possible Unreal Wiki Page

made it to the end
got to see The Man Who Fell Down Everest
it was a beautiful documentary
a splendid part of the world


bmpskier said...

i love the fact that they tote the vhs player all the way up everest and watch tv. i think it was gunsmoke, or something like that. i would love to have seen a pic of a sherpa carrying a tv.

gwadzilla said...

the television is funny
the quest for Everest is also a funny one

in that movie the narrator/skiing protagonist said that he wished for these cultures to remain unchanged by the progress of the modern world
or something to that effect
no realizing that his contact will alter lives
bringing the television along definitely would aid in altering the lives
if not just their perspective of what the basic needs of people in the outside world may be

by this time the Sherpas must be pretty jaded

vanity and greed most certainly have been introduced into their cultures

people who may have once been simple and humble have been changed by their interaction with the mountaineering culture

the best and worst thing that could have happened many of these people