why did I buy my tree from the bethesda chevy chase rescue squad

a few people have asked why we bought our tree from the bethesda chevy chase rescue squad

various area schools including my older son's school have been selling trees
sure it would be a good idea to support one of these schools... especially my son's school
but the bethesda rescue squad makes sense to me

no... I do not live in montgomery county
and yes... I am just outside of the mapped boundries of the district where the bethesday rescue squad will respond to call
but at times I do exist in montgomery county

the purchase of a christmas tree from this location has become a bit of a family tradition
the whole family goes
there is not too much tree shopping
in fact I just take a tree still wrapped up
no need to unwrap it and have me look at it and wrap it again
I will just take it as it is
cut a check and carry it to the car myself
sure there are gucci tree places but I am not shopping at nemian marcus
no need for sunbecks

with the tree on top of the element
I walked backtowards the station with the boys
I asked if they wanted to see the trucks
they said they already had... then they asked me to lift them up...
then we approached a rescue squad volunteer and asked if we could see some of the trucks
sure enough we got a quick tour
in the garage there was a crew responding to a call
we all stood back as two different vehicles moved out onto the streets
as it turns out the call was in response to a call where a bicyclist had been hit by a car

no need to ask why did I guy my tree from the bethesda chevy chase rescue squad

I exist in that area
the bethesda chevy chase rescue squad is one of the best in the country at what they do
everyone deserves the best treatment they that can be offered

the guy that gave the tour was very kind
it is good PR for the service

Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad
this man did not have to die

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