chris king and sustainability

chris king puck

chris king stuff is "da shit"

I just ordered parts for my Jamis Nova cyclocross bike...
the Chris King price tag just seemed too much for me
people pushed me in that direction
the price tag scared me away

the same goes for hubs or whatever

in most cases I am against the disposable parts
I am not building a Ti bike for life
I am riding bikes and destroying them
lots of bikes over one super nice bike
that is my style

after some thought
maybe I should have gone with the Chris King product


Anonymous said...

One of two things I ALWAYS put on my bikes when I build 'em up...the other being a Thomson seatpost. And if you haven't noticed, my bikes can't exactly boast an aristocratic lineage. These two parts are just good, reliable, strong stuff that are "install and forget," period.

And, as you mentioned, King takes the recycling thing about as far as it can go.

Bryn said...

I won't use any other kind of headset - everything else craps out in under a year. But I know that Gwadzilla goes through bikes like skyscrapers...

gwadzilla said...


I have bent or broken many a seat post
never a Thomson

that reminds me...
never mind