dc and the original fifty...

the topic of dc history intrigues me
all sorts of aspects of dc history intrigue me
not so much the political history as much as the local history

the development of the neighborhoods
the design and growth of the city
from its creation to the present time

the architecture and the people around me expand my interest
the music history of the district not only intrigues me but also gives me pride

the musical history of washington dc is more of a spectrum with a blend than a timeline that can easily be drawn

there is some thought about the dc hardcore scene and the original fifty kids in the dc hardcore scene
the movie american hardcore fueled some of these thoughts along with that yellow arrow tour
and the sites and sounds I encounter around the city each and every day

I am excited about the release of american hardcore on dvd
that film may be enough energy for one of my three or four rides on the trainer indoor this winter

the history of the music intrigues me
partially becaused I experienced some of it first hand as a kid in the crowd
and partially because...
okay... what I said the first time

but it is a difficult thing to tell the history
as DC Hardcore did not really spawn from nothing
as DC was a musical town
there were places and venues where these people were able to play
these young kids opened for older people in other local acts

this is part of the spectrum

I am not writing a history paper
I am not drawing a timeline
I am just throwing out the idea that this all occurred as a spectrum of events
blending and blurring
the story is always told with great clarity
but it is all never that simple
george washington did not chop down the cherry tree
but yes
the chicken did cross the road safety pinned to the punk rocker who was told by ian mackaye to cross the road

ian did not tell anyone to do anything
he just shared his ideas
some people just took it as the instruction manual
which is fine
but maybe not his intention
or was it

I still want the all Ian documentary
but... I fear it would be heavy on the henry
sure they were/are best friends
sure he tells a great story
but some of these things tend to get heavy on the henry

crazy synergy
what if...
what if they never met?
there meeting and their bond aided in the creation of the other

all part of a spectrum around them

yellow arrow capitol of punk
american hardcore myspace
dischord records

the banned in dc myspace page shows that the spectrum continues
showing that even the timeline has not stopped trying to draw itself
dischord @ myspace

and the yearbook... Banned in DC
it was a well documented experience
thanks to creativity all around

still waiting for DAD IN DC
a revisit to where they are now
take those photos now
take those photos again in 20 years
that is a good photo project for the people iin that circle to consider

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