WABA: Washington Area Bicycle Association sent out a press release about the DC Pace Car Program

it is something that has been in my mind for some time
I am sure I have spouted on about it here at the gwadzilla page
or maybe drunk at a party

in any case
this idea is taking action in Washington DC
I already live by the Pace Car set of ideals
it has been in my mind that if we all drive through our own neighborhoods how we wish others to drive
if nothing else we will act as pace vehicles slowing down the traffic behind us
years ago I tried this... the speed limit incited road rage
but there is an acceptable paramter two which the law can be bent
like leading and stealing
there is a point where the law is bent and a point where the law is broken

that image was stolen from the Northhampton Mass. Pace Car Program
I am certain if you scan the web you will see other areas attempting to calm traffic with similar efforts
it makes sense to me

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