DCMTB\City Bikes\Metro Gutter

DCMTB: DC Mountain Bike a local mountain bike club that I am associated with
our primary sponsors are City Bikes and Metro Gutter
(Metro Gutter is owned and operated by fellow DCMTB member Kent)

Team Captain
Joe Foley wrote up a piece on his blog about some of the SWAG we scored from various companies

here is a short list of some of the sweet swag I scored from various companies as a member of the City Bikes mountain bike team...
not all of the SWAG is listed as I do not have an accurate list on hand

Bell Helmets: each member of the DCMTB team received a Bell Helmet
the helmet wears comfortably and adjust well
the design is such that it offers good ventilation
the safety approval ratings and the Bell reputation give me confidence that my head would be protected in the situation of crash
it is great having more than one helmet... one for commuting, one with a light mount for night riding, and one for standard racing
oh... the Bell Helmet not only feels good but also looks stylish
I have ridden Bell helmets on both motorcycles and bicycles
as important as comfort, adjustability, and look may be
safety is the key factor
Bell is a name I trust with my head

Serfas Product- oh man... these guys really hooked us up
Serfas makes a wide range of products and we got to test a number of them
Serfas Eyeware-great light weight cycling glasses with replaceable lenses
Serfas Multi-Tools and various Serfas Pumps (floor, pack, and CO2)
major hook up!
all products in full effect
the glasses were sweet for so many rides and so many races
the clear lenses were vital at Lodi and Big Bear during the night laps
at Lodi I used the chain tool on the multi-tool for an emergency on the trail repair
the floor pump would be an easy recommendation for someone looking for a floor pump
heck a consumer should gravitate towards the Serfas name knowing that they are getting a solid product

there was a hook up for some swag from WTB: Wilderness Trail Bikes
not enough for everyone, but there were saddles and tires there were distributed among the team
I got some tires... what can I saw... thus far the WTB tires are what I have been riding on all four of my 29 inch wheels
then some people got computers from Blackburn
I did not go for a computer as I do not care to know how slow I am going

sorry if I left out any of the companies that hooked us up
MUCHAS GRACIAS to all the hook ups!
and a special thanks to CityBikesMike who was instrumental in directing this SWAG towards the team!

that picture above is from Greenbriar last year
since then we have moved from those old jerseys to new KITS!

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