endo board for kids?

endo board for kids?

as much as I want to buy one of these
I can not justify the cost
guess I will seek out a used one

the boys spent a good amount of time last night and tonight on what grantman was calling the nintendo board

although dean is not yet able to balance things
his efforts are improving
it is my impression that an endo board more his scale would make things more approachable

endo boards...


The Bicoastal Boys: said...

Just get the regular ol' adult version of the board. My kids use it. Great fun on a cold, snowy night. Crank up the heat for an hour, put on swimsuits, and indo away. Almost like summer...


gwadzilla said...


we have the standard version
but it seems disproportionate for a five year old

The Bicoastal Boys: said...

Maybe a little awkward. My kids started at 4. What got them going was having each one stand between my legs while I was on it. Other fun: sneaking through dad's legs from one side to the other. Good balance work for dad.

gwadzilla said...


that is exactly where we are...

daddy tried to balance the board
as the 3 year old tries to send the Indo Board out the window

still considering the mini-package

as it would be more fun to have more than one board and cylinder
so that two people could do it at the same time

compete for duration
compete for tricks

or at least leave less time for fighting

I am tired of waiting for my turn and having to share