fort knox five... give it a listen

the other night my mom watched the kids
that was the day of the curry feast

good stuff

we had our friends rob and vida over for a cozy evening of catching up
during that night there were all sorts of topics covered
as rob and vida are creative and interesting people the topics can go all over the place
always entertaining always flowing

durning the course of the night rob was kind enough to show me his latest design project for their march release
rob and vida are both designers
at one point in time I was thinking I wanted to be a designer
these guys mentored me on a number of projects

it is amazing to see the detail that rob goes into some of his creations

fort knox five at myspace

some other rob creations on the esl site
the warning shots video has some very similar detail to the play with money

jason farrell and I were friends some years ago
he too was multi-talented
much like rob
a shameful jack of all trades
master of some
and I mean master
as these gentlemen can both write songs, play guitar, get artsy on and off the computer
and both very athletic
each the type of guy you would hate
if they both were not such nice people

not to bring it all full circle to the previous drunken posts
but both these guys spent time swinging their axes on the dischord scene
you do the math
you fill in the blank
I am sick of connecting the dots

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