get rid of that shit
get someone else to clutter their basement and their lives with that shit

I need to get rid of some shit
I should throw that shit in the trash
but I am confident that someone can use this shit
some of it people would not pay shit for

this weekend past I donated an old rocking chair that we never used to a local daycare
more to go this weekend

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Anonymous said...

I joined FreeCycle one year ago. I left shortly after that.

It seems that most of the interest is one way. I also found people to be a bit flaky - saying they will show, asking me to hold items and never collecting them.

I guess that in the end, if the goal of keeping items from the landfill is met then it does not matter how many hands raise and say "me, me, me" but I had a bad vibe from FreeCycle.

Who knows, maybe things have changed and I should try again.