there is an old spanish proverb that reads like a fortune cookie
it goes something like this

be warned
the person who gossips to you
will certainly gossip about you

here are some great sites to get you fired from work


why that picture?
sometimes I do not know why I do certain things myself

oh... thanks Natalia for those links
everyone needs a friend under 25 to tell them what is happening in the world


Anonymous said...

Those links are too funny, I wasted a good 15 minutes going to those sites.

- guy over 35

Anonymous said...

Now there's your 2005 SSWC.

BTW, it's in Scotland this year...you up for it?

gwadzilla said...


I am packing the car right now

15 minutes?
I could lose days to those sites
and my job

Anonymous said...

I think it's also true that everyone under 25 needs a friend over 25 to tell them what is happening in the world... or at least I did...

gwadzilla said...


an older mentor can be good

but I was never good at listening to advice