home after a night out in the rain...

home after a night out in the rain...

actually I was dry and inside and it was not raining that hard
but I am home

went out
went to a few parties
went to the party showing eric roman's photo work
went to a party hosted by a group house comprised of some cyclists

the parties were filled with interesting and friendly people
which to be honest... is not the standard dc way
usually the parties are filled with assholes who are a total drag
these gatherings were not fitting within the dc mold

party one:
good conversation

amazing photos
a photo book that I did not get to full enjoy as I did not become aware of the book had only seen the photos on the wall
eric roman courier legend/single speed hero was the artist being showcased

party two:
the second party was later and had a more raw group house feel
although party one was in a group house as well
a few more bikes out front
people enduring a little rain to fill their beer at the keg

as much fun as I was having it started to get late
as I know that kids get up early

left a perfectly good party to be closer to my bed

the ride home was short
it was raining up from the black asphalt
only a little rain from above

the combination of the time of day and the part of town had my spidey senses tingling
the first blocks down the road were focused on affirming that the whiskey and cokes did not have me headed the wrong way away from home
once pleased with my drunked gues in the right direction number streets counting up I focused on moving forward
finding a comfortable groove home I started to take in the variables around me
I slowed as I saw a cyclist hogging the whole road ahead
I kept pace with the rapidly pedaling cyclist on his department store bike that was ready to crash on anything or nothing any second
the site amused me
eventually I had to make a pass
given the drunken cyclist plenty of space
we shared hellos as I passed

the corners and the sidewalks had all sorts of urban action
14th street had its classic Talley's Corner feel only the 2007 verson instead of the 1967 version
at this time of night you can guess that most people traveling about are not headed back from church
there were no games of chicken with the cars moving along the streets
much like the drunk man on the bicycle the cars area slo given all sorts of space

with the spidey senses tingling
the radar was on extra alert

things had moved by uneventfully
was not looking for any adventure
uneventful was good
was a few blocks from home headed down a tight neighborhood street
up the block I saw two men move in a fashion that looked like kids involved in a game of hide and seek or maybe peek-a-boo
having no interest in rolling by to see if they were going to jump out and say boo
I turned it around and took a different route the final blocks home
paranoid? chicken?
I think not...
just playing it safe
on this night one of the many guests lost a set of wheels to a passerby with sticky fingers
then ontop of that the party was hosted by a good friend who was recently jumped
not robbed
but jumped and beaten down for no reason whatsoever
his faces still bruised and blood from the senseless urban aggression

time for bed
snapped a few shots
not too much time behind the camera tonight
was too busy enjoying myself to bug people with the point and shoot with its digital delay

sure enough
the boys woke up early.... grant man was up at five thirty
lisa was kind enough to let me sleep late
but dean woke with some sort of enthusiasm for the harmonica
which meant that I was in bed, but not sleeping

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gwadzilla said...

there was a third party which was on my radar but not within my set of objectives

some sort of underware party

bet it was wild

as I am not wild
it is best that I did not attend