jamis 29er

in 2007 Jamis Bikes is coming out with a 29er
there is a 29er Single Speed, Jamis Exile
there is the 29er Hardtail, Jamis Dakota

they look like some sweet bikes at a sweet price point...
this is my big but...

this is not quite what I am looking for
as I already have a rigid 29er in the Karate Monkey
as well as having a 29er Hardtail in the Karate Monkey

what I am looking for is a bike out of the box with the specs that I need...
that would be a single with front suspension and a double banger
both 29ers
where do I go?
what should I look for?
my team DCMTB's sponsor City Bikes is not a Fisher Dealer.... so please do not say Fisher

I do dig the Fisher 101 information on the 29er
Gary Fisher is cool... I regret not approaching him at Interbike a decade ago
he was standing around, no one seemed to recognize him
but honestly... I knew very little about him and was not fond of the Trek/Fisher buy out
my punk insensibilities made me think he was a sell out
I had no idea what I was thinking about
this was pre-Internet information age
so I was piecing together ideas from no where

here is a link to the movie Klunkerz
I have a feeling it is no Dogtown and Z Boys

no... I do not "need" a new bike
infact... my Karate Monkey SS is fine... actually... it is awesome
maybe I should just put a suspension fork on it and call it a day
I was just thinking that I could get a bike out of the box
instead of a fork on its own
as there is never a really good deal on forks
forks on their own tend to be a tad expensive


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I had a Jamis Coda for a while and I grew to dislike it and eventually ended up selling it. It felt heavy and sluggish. Enough to put me off trying Jamis again.

gwadzilla said...


I have two Karate Monkeys
one rigid single
one geared with front suspension


I gave a long well thought out response to your Jamis experience

it contained the metaphor of shoes
you wearing puma
while I wear addidas
both equally good shoes
just one for narrow feet
one for wide

the Jamis Coda is a good flat bar bike for someone looking for a "road bike" not trying to spend over a grand

I recommend that bike to all sorts of people
most everyone has been more satisfied

I like the Jamis product and really like the Jamis company

it is my impression that they put together a great bike with solid components for good money

want less weight?
spend more money

I have owned several Jamis bikes in the past many years
loved the feel of these bikes
loved how they handled
did not mind the weight
as weight is not my main concern
if I were concerned about weight... I would step on a scale
over many miles and much fun
I broke each of these Jamis frames
in both cases Jamis was good enough to warranty the bikes for me

that my friend
is an important factor in selecting a company

none of this Cannondale several hundred dollar payment for a different cannondale frame
none of this review and refusal
broken frame... frame replacement

good deal

that is why when shopping for my next bike I have no hesitation looking through the Jamis line!

gwadzilla said...


Jamis also pisses me off....
they do not piss me off
but they bummed me out

earlier this year I approached them for sponsorship
not for ride
not for racing
but for blogging

they did not bite

which makes it amusing if I end up getting one or two of their rigs anyway

hmmmmmm.... rig?
fisher is not sounding so bad right now!

Anonymous said...

A bike is a very personal decision. I actually did buy it to replace a really nice Cannondale road bike I'd been riding for 20 years (which I loved). Compared to the 'Dale, it felt like riding through a field of mud. I had planned to sell the Cannondale, and I really did try to give the Jamis a chance, but I wound up going back to the Cannondale and selling the Jamis instead.

I eventually tried again for flat-bar replacement for the Cannondale, with a Specialized Sirrus Comp. The Sirrus is just awesome -- light, and nimble. Perhaps even more so than the Cannondale. But yeah, although it's still under a grand it's definitely more pricey than the Jamis. But it finally allowed me to sell the Cannondale knowing I wouldn't miss it.

gwadzilla said...


glad you found the bike that works for you...

not sure of the duration
maybe a month

but City Bikes has a satisfaction return policy


Anonymous said...

in regard to that fine print..

yes, it sounds like a good fork is all u need.
so sell a monkey. get an exile. i dont know of a good dual suspension 29er that CB carries. does cannondale have one yet? intense, yeti, titus would have one. yes try titus!

Anonymous said...

Jamis is jumping in the party a tad late. However, looks like a pretty decent bike.

I'd say, check out the mtbr.com/29'er forum for info.

I've got/had (broke it and it's back at Curtlo) a Curtlo 24 Hour frame 29'er & soon a Black Sheep Highroller. I'd say go custom. That way, you get what you really want. Not cheap, but definitely worth it!