just doing some fact checking....

just doing a little fact checking

somehow it popped into my mind to google a name that had been brought up at a party over the holidays

harold shapinsky

the story reads just as it was told to me by his son
an amazing story
wonder if the story came up naturally
or if that story always comes up

not that it is the bible
but double checked and got the same story on wikipedia


Anonymous said...

From the linked article, what it really means to be an artist and what is missing from "art" today:

“We would get together...and talk about the mission of painting. Nobody gave a thought to money, or to exhibiting, or even to selling a work. It was a pure scene.”


“The art is something he wouldn’t compromise with,” said son David. “He was holding onto it with his teeth, holding on for dear life.”

Shapinsky fan or not, you have to respect the purity and strength of this ethos. Thanks for the link.

gwadzilla said...

I will admit I had not heard of harold shapinsky until that night
although I was definitely familiar with his contemporaries and the movement he existed within