last night

yesterday after work I was able to get in just about an hour on the fixie in city traffic
on the fixie I do not play games
there is no desire to put my self into a situation and then try to solve the problem
on the fixie I just try to flow
flow on the flats

so, I worked a basic loop from my office towards georgetown
then doubled back and headed to the hill, capitol hill
the out of town traffic was backed up bumper to bumper
the cross town traffic was thin, yet aggressive... speeding cars passing on my left
plenty of lanes for everyone

I worked the lights with some luck and some rhythm
when I approached Capitol Hill the traffic seemed suspiciously sparse
DC is a strange town where roads are shut down for various reasons all the time
there can be a speeding motorcade approaching at anytime
I tend to give the heads of state some space
no need for me to try and race a train of black SUVs surrounding a long limo with bullet proof glass and flat free tires holding the president
no... I prefer to stay a few streets away
as there is no need to have a conversation with officer friendly about anything

the night prior was the state of the union
the morning of this day streets were closed around dupont circle because of a "suspicious package"
not sure why there were so few cars on Capitol Hill
as I approached the base of the hill my momentum was good but the light was red
there were the standard cruisers at the base of the Hill
I slowed a tad then rolled through the car-less intersection up the hill
keeping momentum hanging to the right
prepared for the cars approaching fast behind me
feeling that the Capitol Hill Police have bigger fish to fry than a guy on the bicycle

raced the cars
split the lanes
kept my momentum and weaved through the streets for a little longer then looped back after a few more urban parks
returned pretty much the route as I had arrived
Mass. Ave can be more direct
but it can also be far more hectic
Penn. Ave has its no man's land center lane
and tends not to be too busy this time of day
other than the double parked cars for drop off and pick up
and the standard idiotic cabbie behavior

finished up the final miles... by miles I mean two
by heading up 16th Street
a street that is seldom car free

tried to keep a flow
tried not to make any enemies
did not try to make any friends
just tried not to get killed

beat the cars at the lights
split the lanes in the queue
took the underpass under the circle
clinched my teeth at the sound of fast approaching cars behind me
took the full lane as I fear letting the car try to squeeze by in the same lane
especially in a lane that is about to end with parked cars ahead

had the camera in my pocket
but was moving too fast and too fluid to stall for any pictures
got home to the family who had just returned from a gathering at my dad's that I was unable to attend due to having to work late

the boys were settled in front of the television with their PJs on watching a bugs bunny cartoon
I took the dog out for a quick stroll just so he could pee
no petzel
no hiking in the moonlight
just maintenance
got back in and tried to tell the boys some stories
dean did not want stories he just wanted to learn about the desert
I rambled on about climate and then plants and animals specific to the desert
both boys had questions and comments and things deviated from cold blooded snakes to the lifecycle of the butterfly
then back to the arid desert

as it was late
I stepped out and the wife subbed in
with lisa saying the final goodnights before bedtime I went downstairs to get something for dinner
as I walked down the stairs my legs felt tight
I wondered if my small gear on the fixie would contribute well to the building of a strong mountain bike season

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i really liked that post, but i can't tell you why. thank you.