my ride... and a quick gear review

today I went for a short ride after work
it is tough to climb into all of this winter gear and not go for a ride
always trying to avoid spending more time getting changed than riding
so after work I went for a loop on the city streets

things were real casual
not more than a few blocks out of the office and I ran into a messenger and her freshly painted bike
the lighting was not such to bother trying to get a picture of the frame
it turned out sweet

she got a kick out of my riding a fixed gear
as she may not know much about me
but she knows that a fixed gear is not really my thing
we did a weave through the city streets after I snapped a few shots
she was making her last drop of the day and I was trying to drop my day

we covered a few blocks together
stalling at lights
holding the full lane when it felt right
cutting lanes when appropriate
until our trajectory split
although I had no real agenda
I was plotting my flow straight while she was being guided by her drop down to the left

my ride went down past capitol hill
skirting around the mound of the hill itself by staying close to union station
then around the various city parks
not too far out as the commuter traffic starts to treat the city streets like a freeway

the sun had dropped
I had no headlight
the new krog frogs were on my rocky mountain
I was working the streets at a slow pace with a good spin on the fixie with nothing but a few blinkies on my bag
lights are part of my style
the more light the better

turned it around and headed for home
looking at the people
soaking in the city around me
watching out for cars
looking out for cyclists
being cautious of pedestrians

the ride was good
the air was crisp
I was warm
the winter tights that the wife bought me for christmas were perfect for the evening's temperature
while the pearlizumi lobster claws were too much
also a tad cumbersome
answering the phone was awkward
to slow for a picture demanded the full glove removal
not perfect for trying to maintain momentum

arrived home to the family
the ride was a few minutes longer then expect
but the ride was no more than just a few minutes
the boys were finishing up their dinner
but everyone stayed at the table after they were done to share stories of their day

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