kirk at fixed gear fever sent me this...

oh kirk...
if you only knew
if you only knew

DC is the idle capital of the world
the tour buses being public enemy number one

yes... I understand that the obsesse tourons need an ice cold bus after they have been moved like cattle around the various monuments

all over the city
all the time
you would be amazed at how often I pass a car parked with a passanger asleep with the engine running

a few years back I spent a fair amount of time sleeping in the back of my truck
but I always used a sleeping bag and slept on the dog bed
oh yea... I do not think the heat worked in that thing

in my search for my Stolen Landcruiser story I found this story where I accidently stole someone's bike

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gwadzilla said...

turns out Kirk is from Ohio

a part of the country rich in cycling history...

from the Wright Brothers to the Little 500 to Jelly Belly Cycling!