not to cold to catch up on the corner

ran into sid
then meredith walked up
nearly typed rolled up
but meredith rolled up

not sure if she was off the bike because she was in office casual or if she was off the bike because of an encounter she had with a car
it was funny to hear sid and meredith go back and forth on the idea of crashing
and the number of accidents a year
meredith feeling that one accident a year was doing pretty okay

it is the law of averages
simple and said
the more time spent on the bike the more likely you will be involved in a bicycle related accident/injury
if you do not ride a bicycle the odds are pretty good you will not hurt yourself on the bike

although I do like sid's feeling that one crash a year is one crash too many

meredith is fine
we did not get into the severity of the crash or the damage to the bike
but it did come up that the car was at fault and the driver got a ticket for causing the accident

I have seen meredith ride
she is rocking it
she likes to flow
she likes to flow fast
the greater the speed the faster the approaching variables
which of course factors into a greater likelihood of risks
the law of averages
but these are messengers
they are not concerned with laws when things pertain to the bicycle

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