one of a kind wall hanging for the kids room

created some one of a kind wall hanging for the boys' room

in the effort to clean some stuff up in the basement I am either using stuff or tossing stuff
in some cases I am completeing projects
whie in other cases I am scrapping projects

in the mess which is the basement there were an assortment of cardboard packages that were part of a big toy score from a friend of a friend
a woman that works with my wife gave us her son's old action figures and legos
this kid had some serious action figures and some serious legos
major score

within this score there was an assortment of cardboard packages
not saved after being neatly open
but saved just the same
some torn
almost all well worn
but somehow I felt it would be a waste to throw this stuff away

convinced that eventually I was going to do something with this stuff

so... the time came
it was either time to do something with that stuff
that something could be trashing that stuff
or assembling something with that stuff

I used a piece of framed art that I had purchased for five bucks from a yard sale and got to work

one night I cut out the images I wanted
then I played with the parts like I was building a puzzle

ended up using some Star Wars Lego instruction as the background to the informative Star Wars packages

it is sort of a Star Wars Where's Waldo

complete chaos
perfect for the kids to explore

pleased with how it turned out
the kids were stoked to pick out a piece of wall for the Star Wars Crap Wall Hanging!

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