ontario theater

those were different times
it is hard to imagine
but it is true
the six or seven dollar cover charge was more than I could surmount
more than many kids my age could surmount

sure... I babysat
I cut lawns
I even cat and dog sat when people were out of town
but there were times when I missed shows because the cover charge was too great
oh... there were other variables
it was often a matter of getting the money together in time to get it to the person getting the tickets
getting ticktes was not a get it on line thing back then

I remember the night that I missed the Ska band Badmanners better than if I had seen Badmanners
and well...
there are so many times when I pass the Ontario Theater
as I like to think of
when I can not help but think of how I missed The Damned
a show where I am almost certain that Minor Threat opened up
will check with my brother
he was there

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I see you now