post holiday blues

I have the post holiday blues
it happens...
there is all that build up
then wham bam thank you santa
now it is time to take down the tree and the lights

then there is the new year
the eve parties were awesome
but there are other aspects
the pressure of the resolutions

right now I am feeling like the race has started
my rear wheel just skidded
then I dropped my chain
had really wanted a strong start
feeling like I will have to really work to catch up to where I was planning on going

the tree is down
the lights are still up
the nut crackers and manger scenes are all put away
if it were not raining outside I would be looking into the burning embers of what was a christmas tree instead of the computer screen
no fire pit tonight


Anonymous said...

wham bam thank you santa ...

... sounds like you had more fun with Santa than I did!

"Sometimes courage does not roar. SOmetimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'"

(Santa *didn't* get me a fire pit. Wonder if they're on sale...)

Anonymous said...

holiday hangover. i'm feeling it too. feeling a bit blue.