red light rush...

red light rush...
make that a double red light rush...

pat at surly rider turned me in the direction of this link
I had seen one shot from this sequence, but had not realized it was my girlfriend jessica
the things she does to try and impress me

ah, jessica simpson
don't hate her because she is beautiful and maybe stupid
well, maybe not stupid... just a little simple and sheltered
built like that... who cares what she is saying?


gwadzilla said...

after closely re-examining the Vargas-esque girl painted in with the green fixie in the image above

I enlarged the Jessica Simpson image
after close examination it appears that it is all there
the background is either real or fake
either... I am not sure
but the jessica part
checked it out closely
everthing checks out

gwadzilla said...

that picture expands well...

just as I thought
after a closer look
that image is from the modern day Dukes of Hazard film

let me take another look to see if I find anything else

this makes me feel like a private detective