some call him coach... I call him cargo mike

some call him coach
I call him cargo mike

he moves through traffic at a casual pace with his custom trailer
he moves through the woods at an astonishingly fast pace on his single speed

mike is both tortoise and hare

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gwadzilla said...

went party hopping with mike the other night
he was on his old fixie

it was funny to see him zipping around on that thing
it reminded me that he once existed as a very different sort of courier

I recall meeting him a few years ago before I started doing the photo thing

then he had an extentsion on the back of his bike
an early evolution of his cargo niche

not sure if it was an extracycle
but that idea

looking forward to getting back on dirt with him and his group

mike hangs with a good group of people

next time I see tia I need to get a shot of her
on or off the bike
see her all the time
never with the camera
or maybe without time to stop

she broke her clavicle
maybe I could get a shot of the her and the bike with its damage
guess I should have put that together at her party the other night

the booze and the chilli had my head spinning