speaking of henry rollins

speaking of henry rollins...

here is a dull roar

rob thomas was just talking about henry rollins
not that rob thomas
this rob thomas


Anonymous said...

Where are the scantilly clad photos of Henry ? Have you read his short story called "The Iron" about how he got into bodybulding thru his teahcer Mr Pepperman (i think that was his name ??) the iron never lies..good stuff.

gwadzilla said...

I have not heard that henry story

in my youth I was really into henry
have not really followed him
although I enjoy loosely following him

ya know....

I like jeremiah bishop
and I will put a picture of him on my page
I perfer the boys clothed

gwadzilla said...

not tough finding some sweet shots of henry with his shirt off


henry is either in a black t-shirt or flexing with his shirt off

or so it seems

it just does not do it for me

Anonymous said...

i guess henry ia always wearing the same blacks shorts sans t-shirt anyways..
please only clothed photos of jeremiah !