sunday morning...

these shots were taken sunday morning in adam morgan
the motion shots bellow were taken while I caught up with josh

often when I take a person's photo I wonder if they will ever go to this page and see the photos
someone like tar has never seen the photos I have taken of him on my page
while I am certain that josh has been cussing at me
wondering what has been taking me so long

I understand.... I feel the same way about Kevin Dillard's race photos

josh was excited to show me a build project he has been working on
it looks like a nice old fuji with lugs and all sorts of suntour components

man... my readership has gone
google use to be so much easier for me to get archives of my own previous posts
used to put gwadzilla and any word... bam... the page I was looking for
no more...


Anonymous said...

I think you take too many man shots gay bird.

gwadzilla said...

the percentage of men on the bike heavily out weighs the number of women on the bike

it is hard to approach people
it is especially hard to approach women

if men think it is creepy for some bearded freak to ask to take their picture
well... imagine how the ladies feel

it is winter
taking pictures at all is difficult
as everyone is hiding inside or blazing by

Anonymous said...

btw- your archive links dont work anymore- maytbe they are getting expunged? so it's not just google


Anonymous said...

joel you know i would never cuss you out - at least not on the blog or in front of the kids.

i got a late start today i swear - i check your blog, pour coffee, then its onto the post every morning. but this morning i visited the doctor.

i only wish the fuji was done, i found a few more rust spots that need touch ups... i think maybe it would be best to just have the frame sandblasted and sprayed. Its rather painstaking to do rust by hand, although its oddly satisfying. This bike is truly becoming a mix of old and new. Defintely not your classic vintage rebuild. I just want to set the thing up to go for more miles. Bottom line this bike gets ridden.