they will get my money twice

american hardcore site

american hardcore @ myspace

the DVD comes out February 20th
guess they will get my money twice

an amazing film about an amazing time
there is some amazing energy in that film
just as there was some amazing energy during those times


gwadzilla said...

rob thomas left this comment on my blog I deleted it by mistake
but thought it was worth sharing
even though this is the other rob thomas

robthomas has left a new comment on your post "they will get my money twice":

awesome. gotta say i'm too young to know the movement first hand, but some of my favorite music. still holds truth.

though it's funny to see what Rollins is doing with his life...

here is the home of the other rob thomas

(I also deleted a comment from on another post... user error...
would it have been more cool had I lied and said blogger lost it?)

gwadzilla said...

and yes

Henry Rollins has lived a charmed life


he must be like a punk rock larry david

movie stars
hosting shows

more power to him!
cashing in on being a personality

Anonymous said...

though i've heard it said by some, i would never call him a sell out by any means. and i'm not entirely sure there's anything wrong with making a living doing what you like to do. especially when he does stuff like this: letters from henry