this made me laugh

tonight after work I headed straight to the DCMTB meeting at temperance hall

had blinkies but no lights shinning forward
this was fine
as the whole ride would be in traffic with street lights overhead
the light to see offers little assistance on the crowded city street

in no great rush as I already knew I would be a few minutes late I headed up New Hampshire Avenue past Dupont Circle
in my head I tried to create that grid which is washington dc
I imagined how the diagnal of New Hampshire would bisect this grid
in my mind I sketched in Malcom X park and then tried to gather where Temperance Hall fits into the picture
somewhere in my picture I noticted that New Hampshire seems to vanish

I am not more than a few blocks from Dupont
the lights are in my favor
I am within the limits of the law
okay... maybe I run one light
but I am hanging out in the Bike Lane
when a car passes me fast and fades into the bike lane then stops for the stop sign

I am a little irked
not so much the use of the bike lane as a right turn lane
but more an issue of zipping in
fitting into a space that may not be there
then obstructing my path

as I pass on the driver's side
any joker knows that you do not pass right turning traffic on the right

as I pass on the driver's side I take a look at the driver
I had already taken a look at the make and model of the car as well as the paper tags
as I pass I see that the driver is young, bearded, and maybe alternative
although his car was a standard characterless sedan
before I could consider saying anything I hear F CK YOU ASSH LE! S CK MY D CK!
okay... I may have mouthed something like "joker" but I am almost certain he could not read my lips
as I am rolling forward and he is turning the distance is between us
he is leaning out his car window finishing his D CK!
while I am screaming back.... NO THANKS! YOU ARE NOT MY TYPE.... I AM HETEROSEXUAL

not that he was gay.... calling a gay guy is not an insult
he was some straight goober
a straight women is more likely to use that line as an attack
from a gay person that utterance is a proposition

to my utterance he yelled... RIDE THAT BIKE

I was not sure if he had heard my first come back
so I did not bother to yell my response of .... yes I am

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