usa cycling

usa cycling has released its race calendar
as great as these events may be

right now I am thinking more in the direction of the baker's dozen or the lodi farms event

that said
greenbriar is on my radar


gwadzilla said...

big bear
the shenandoah mountain 100
wednesday at wakefield
the cranky monkey
the panarama paranormal
you name it

I am not one of those anti-Norba types
I am just not a series sort of cyclist

just ride and race

focus on what fits into my schedule and my interests

Anonymous said...

cheers to that. it's all about balance. 12 @ Lodi was awesome last year, but I've heard rumors it isn't going down this year... do you know anything about that?

Anonymous said...

lodi is on, its up on bikereg already. Don't forget about the Cranky 12 hour race at quantico this year too...

oh and the 100, my focus, i will complete it this year. WITHOUT breaking a bike or any bones.