vas es das? (okay... I do not speak german, dutch, or flemish)

Cyclocross Worlds in Belgium

Katie Comp
ton is over there testing her American Spirit against the European Advantage

Wish her luck!
the UCI Cyclocross Worlds are next weekend

podium shot by denis bike

also on the Elite Level racing topic..

Kirk sent me this link to the World Cup of Track Racing in LA


Anonymous said...

good excuse for a road trip. I hope to get some good pictures on that weekend of the usa cross chicks.

gwadzilla said...

are you bringing a bike?

Anonymous said...

no bike, this time we watch,drink, eat and ring cowbells..short trip (wed-tues)

gwadzilla said...

sounds exciting
just days away

went to the IF CHICKS SITE
will see if they post from the road

guess it is hard to ring a cow bell and blog at the same time
hopefully they will try!