where do I stand? why do I care? will we ever know the truth?

this is happening right now....
sponsored by the folks at the bike lane

do I feel like I am missing anything?

where do I stand?
why do I care?
will we ever know the truth?

I do not know Floyd Landis
as much as I want to believe that he is innocent
I am not sure that I can
is he any more guilty of wrong doing than any of the other althletes in the tour?
I think not
but... it does not matter if everyone is cheating... the level playing field is not an excuse
that would be like having all the runners in the NYC Marathon getting into the subway with Rosie Ruiz

the floyd fairness fund
I am going to keep my money
maybe he will get my money when he publishes his book
but then again... I doubt he would give us a tell all
who tells all?

I will say this...
from what I have heard this whole test sample thing has been handled by the keystone cops
it is especially hard for me to accept this as I was raised in a society where someone is innocent until proven guilty
it is aweful that the notion of suspicion is enough to put these individual's careers at risk

this information was shared with me from Iconoclassless


Anonymous said...

Hmm...is that "classless" like Marxist or "classless" like unclassy?

I feel a slight passing over me...

gwadzilla said...

just an electronic poke
a jab

you can get back at me by meeting up with me for a night ride

maybe we can grab DT and hit some of that Fairfax loop
I have been wanting to learn more about the trail system that the Wakefield race loop

Anonymous said...

drugged or not, floyd's ride to Morzine was chilling. i wish i could suffer like that for half of a race.

Anonymous said...

maybe the Tour really isnt that hard

Anonymous said...

its not that hard when ya get bags of RBCs injected the night before a race...

they ain't on drugs... (during the race) they are on BLOOD

it's not a performance enhancing drug... your own body made it...

sort of like drinking your own piss if it made you way faster

Soupie said...